Meaning Of Revocation Of Application Of Registration Of GST

Meaning:- Situation of Revocation arises when cancellation of GST Registration is done by the authorized Officer. Person files Application for revocation of GST Registration only when his Registration is cancel.
Circumstances under which cancellation of Registration is possible under GST are as follow :-

  • 1) Cancellation application is file by applicant due to reduction in turnover below the limit of registration.
  • 2) Cancellation of application by Tax Officer.
  • 3) Application of cancellation is file by Legal heirs on ground of death of Taxable person.
  • 4) Cancellation of GST registration done on ground of other matters such as Demerger, Discontinuation, sell or Winding up of Business.

Option available:- If cancellation of GST registration is done by tax officer on his own motion then under such circumstances application for Revocation can be file Person.

So we can conclude that Revocation is possible only when cancellation is done by Tax Authorities.

Application form for cancellation of registration is being file under form- 29 online when threshold limit for registration is not met, apart from this if cancellation is to be done then REG Form 16 is to be file.

Application for Revocation is to be file Under form no 21 within 30 days from the date of Order of cancellation.