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Legal Packages for Business





Find Expert

1.Find Lawyer

2.Expert Registration


3.Client Registration



Start Your Business

1.Proprietorship Registration

2.One Person Company Registration


3.Register Partnership Firm

4.LLP Registration


5.Private Limited Company Registration

6.Producer Company Registration


7.Non-Profit Company Registration

8.Indian Subsidiary Registration


9.Nidhi Company Registration

10.NBFC Registration


11.Public Limited Company Registration



Other Registration 

1.GST Registration

  2.TAN Registration


3.PAN Registration

  4.Import Export Code Registration


5.MSME Registration

  6.Digital Signature Certificate


7.Professional Tax Registration

  8.ESI Registration


9.PF Registration




1.Trademark Registration

2.Copyright Registration


3.Trademark Rectification

4.Design Registration


5.Trademark Objection

6.Provisional Patent Registration


7.Trademark Opposition

8.Patent Registration


9.Trademark Renewal



Govt. Compliance

1.Company Name Change

2.Director KYC-DIR 3


3.Registered Office Change

4.VAPT Audit as per RBI Norms


5.Addition of Directors

6.Director Identification Number


7.Resignation and Removal of Directors

8.Company Strike Off


9.Increase in Authorized Share Capital

10.LLP Strike off


11.Transfer of Share

12.Winding Up of Company


13.Amendment of MOA

14.Issue and Allotment of Shares


15.Addition of Partner in LLP

16.Registered Office Verification


17.XBRL Conversion of Financials

18.ROC Annual Filing of Company


19.Resignation of Partner in LLP

20.RBI FLA Return Filing


21.Compliance of Partnership Firm

22.XBRL IND-AS Filing


23.ROC Annual Filing of Company/LLP

24.Amendment of AOA


25.Retainership of Company/LLP






1.File Income Tax Return

2.Reply To Tax Notice


3.GST Filing

4.TDS / TCS Return Filing


Legal Contracts

1.Offer Letter

2.Vendor Agreement


3.Appointment Letter

4.Joint Venture Agreement


5.Confirmation Letter

6.Takeover Agreement


7.Employment Agreement

8.ESOP Trust Deed


9.Resignation Letter

10.IP Assignment Agreement


11.Termination Letter

12.Software Development Agreement


13.HR Policy

14.Share Purchase Agreement


15.Com. Leave & License Agreement

16.Website Terms And Conditions


17.Leave & License Agreement for Flat

18.Marketing Agreement


19.Commercial Lease Agreement

20.Option Agreements


21.Residential Lease Agreement

22.Interim Agreement


23.Sale Deed for Land

24.Finder’s Agreement


25.Sale Deed for Flat

26.Exclusivity / Lock Out Agreement


27.Memorandum of Understanding

28.Evaluation Agreement


29.Non-Disclosure Agreement

30.Commission Agreement


31.Franchise Agreement



Other Agreements

1.Business Transfer Agreement

2.Non-Disposal Undertakings


3.Consultancy Agreement

4.Outsourcing Agreement


5.Distribution Agreement

6.Presenter’s Agreement


7.LLP Agreements

8.Publishing Agreements


9.Loan Agreement

10.R&D Agreement


11.Non-Executive Director Appt. Letter

12.Reseller Agreement


13.Partnership Agreement

14.Security Agreement


15.Service Agreement

16.Software Distribution Agreement


17.Comfort Letter

18.Sponsorship Agreement


19.Club Rules Drafting

20.Technical Service Agreement


21.Content Licensing Agreement

22.Copyright Assignment Agreement


23.Contributor Agreements

24.Digital Marketing Agreement


25.Data Processing Agreement

26.Freelance Agreement


27.Debt Settlement Agreement

28.Intellectual Prop. Transfer Drafting


29.Deed of Hypothecation

30.Mobile App. Dev. Agreement


31.Escrow Agreement

32.Trademark Assignment


33.Event Management Agreement

34.Syndicated Loan Agreement


35.Guarantee Agreement

36.Asset Purchase Agreement


37.Hotel Management Agreement

38.Non-Compete Agreement


39.Indemnity Agreement

40.Promissory Note


41.Maintenance & Support Agreement

42.Land Development Agreement


43.Manufacturing Agreement

44.Dissolution of Marriage Petition


45.Invention assignment agreement

46.Redemption Agreement


47.Merchandising Agreement

48.Royalty Agreement


49.Mortgage Deed

50.Domain Name Transfer Agreement


51.Music Publishing Agreement





2.Privacy Policy


3.About Us

4.Refund Policy


5.Contact Us

6.Terms and Condition



8.Board of Directors


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