Support Agreement

An IT support contract is an agreement between two parties in which one party will provide IT (information technology) services in exchange for consideration/ payment. IT support Agreement is for you to hire an outside service to ensure the technological aspects of your business continue to run without any issues or mishaps. And if they do come across any such technical difficulties, these difficulties can be secured and fixed accordingly with the help of the Support.Support Agreements are flexible, designed to address the critical response needs of your business, and allow you to choose a term of service could be for a year or for specified months or years as per the agreement.If you choose not to take up IT support you are running the risk of wasting your money, resources, and time trying to fix technology problems on your own.

Having an IT support contract can ensure you a safety net against such problems.These agreements allow you to tell the provider what you need and agree on how support services will be delivered. This can include when or how often the support service will be provided. IT Support Service Agreement are designed for the use by businesses providing on-site and helpdesk IT support services to business clients. By creating a Support Agreement, you can work through your need expectations and ensure you get what you’re paying for. Establishing clear and measurable guidelines is important as it helps set expectations and allows for a level of accountability by your technical support services provider. It allows you to hold your service provider accountable and details exactly the type of service you can expect.


Key Clauses of IT Support Service Agreement:


1.The Support Services


2.Service Provider’s Obligations


3.Client’s Obligations


4.Fees and Payment


5.Liability and Indemnity




7.Force Majeure


8.Term &Termination and its effects








12.Relationship of the Parties




14Dispute Resolution/ Law and Jurisdiction

Documents Required

Passport Photo

Passport photo of all parties.

PAN Card

PAN card of all parties.

Aadhar Card

Aadhar card of all parties.

Utility Bill

Utility bill of Electricity or Telephone.

Address Proof

Valid Address Proof of all the parties.


Valid Driving Licence of all the parties.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions between the parties.

Other Documents

Other documents will be intimated through e-mail.


Support agreements are a way by which support service provider work together with the client to support the client’s business.

Yes a support contract is a legally binding agreement between client and the IT contractor that sets out the services and cost to be agreed upon.

Support agreements lets the client to communicate to the support service provider what he needs and agrees on how such support services shall be delivered.

Support agreements sets out all the rights and obligations of both the parties. The agreement outlines what services we will provide, how we will provide them, the service levels that you can expect from us and the associated costs

A support contract is between you and the support provider that sets out the services and cost to be agreed upon. The Service Level Agreement is a document separate from the contract that outlines in more specific detail the level of service you will receive.