Tds Return Filling

1) TDS in Income Tax is to be deposited monthly into the Govt. Account. Such TDS must be deposited upto 7th day of next month however for March this date is extended upto 30th April. Apart From TDS payment income tax act also put requirement for TDS return filling, Such filling is being done on quarterly basis. TDS return can only file after payment of TDS tax liability.

2) Due Dates of TDS return filling are:-

Sr.No. Quarterly Period DUE Date
1 April-June 31st July
2 July-September 31St October
3 Oct-December 31st January
4 Jan-March 30th April

3) Types of TDS Return:-

Sr.No. Types of TDS Return Particulars of TDS Returns Forms
1 24Q Statement for tax deducted at source from Salaries
2 26Q Statement for tax deducted at source on all payment other than salaries.
3 27Q Statement for tax deducted at source on income, dividends or any other sum payable to non-resident.
4 27EQ Statement of collection of tax at source

Note:- Normally TDS return of 24Q and 26Q is being file.

4) Documents require for filing TDS Return (24Q and 26Q):-

Sr.No. Types of return Types of Document
1 24Q Form 16, form 26AS, TDS payment Challan
2 26Q Form 16A ,Form 26AS,TDS payment challan

Note:- Form 16/16A and AS 26 is only acceptable if downloaded from TRACES Website, manual or hand written Forms are strictly prohibited.

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